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Step 1 - Become a Member of USA Water Polo

Start your adventure with us by becoming a USA Water Polo member.  On their site, you'll be completing their membership forms and COVID waivers, getting your player's age verified, etc.  We require that all our athletes who compete, register at the "Gold" membership level; however, you are free to register at a Silver level and then change your membership in the event you decide to stay and compete.  Please bring a print-out showing that your player did register with USA Water Polo to his/her first practice.  In case you are registering for Splashball, register at the Bronze level.  If your plan is to register for the Two-Week Trial, please find that option.

Step 2 - Are you new to the sport or a veteran?

What type of member are you looking to become.  Are you ready to dive in and become a full member or perhaps you are new to the sport and want to give our Two-Week Free Trial a shot?  Or maybe you are a High School student who just finished your season and are looking to stay sharp and compete.  Whichever your choice, find the link below and get started on the next chapter in your water polo adventure.  

Let's Go!

click below to get your season started

Step 3 - Rostering

Now that you've completed the Membership Process for your chosen path, sit tight.  This next part is on us.  One of our Membership volunteers will receive, verify and approve your completed Member Registration and place you in the right division and the appropriate team's roster.  

Once you are placed appropriately, you will receive a welcome email. You could get a jump start on being part of the Club, by checking out our For Parents page and getting the SportsEngine app loaded on your phone.  

Refund Policy

Effective 01/01/2022, in order to plan our programs, leagues and tournaments efficiently, without overbooking and to cover operating expenses (salaries, water, equipment, etc.) no refunds will be processed. The SBU Board may choose to review individual situations at their discretion.

Player Dues Credit Policy (Enrolled in Quarterly Payments)

If requested one-month (30 days) in advance of the start of the quarter, payments will be cancelled.

If requested less than one-month (30 days) prior to the 1st day of the billing cycle, a payment credit will be issued without penalty after being applied to any outstanding invoices. The remaining balance can be applied to future sessions within a six month time frame. After six (6) months, if the payment credits have not been applied, they will be forfeited. No credits will be granted if requested after the start of the month.

Donation Receipt

Once a credit has been requested, a player can request a donation letter for the IRS. SBU will write a letter for your tax preparer sharing that you are donating X dollars to have their credit balance.


We understand that family time is valuable. Over the Summer months, families often take long vacations. Payment credits will not be granted for not attending scheduled practices, going on vacation, etc.

Restart Fee

If you choose to suspend your account for a period of time, a $150 administrative restart fee ill be assessed.

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